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A new consumer leads the beverage revolution. From IOT to new market trends, the Celli Group is the sustainable drinking experience.

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The Celli Group is a global leader in the sector of systems and accessories for beverage dispensing. The company, founded in 1974 and headquartered in San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini), now has about 400 employees in seven production facilities, three in Italy and three in the United Kingdom. It exports its products to over 100 countries worldwide. The mission of the Celli group is clear: to guarantee end- consumers the best drinking experience and to guarantee producers a great brand experience, all the while using the most modern technology.

On tap is always better. This is the foundation of the Celli Group's vision. For years it has tried to increase awareness of the many benefits of dispensing: from the quality of a drink to the increasingly pressing issue of environmental sustainability. Precisely for this reason, thanks to technological research and a constant commitment to innovation, sustainability has become one of the strengths of the group's dispensing equipment.