the most authentic
draught experience

"Angram is proud to be part of the Celli Group and has 40 years of heritage in the manufacturing and supply of quality products to the drinks dispense industry. Our teams are dynamic, enthusiastic, and combine a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience. They consistently deliver to the highest standards."

a long lasting tradition

The Angram headquarters, located in Yorkshire, is specialized in the production of equipment for the traditional draughting of British beers (cask ale).
This equipment guarantees that one enjoys the best of traditional British beers.
Angram represents beer's tradition, and is the rediscovery of a long tradition.

a real drinking experience

Angram represent an absolute, authentic and timeless drinking experience.

quality and innovation

At Angram, we are driven to carry on with continual and sustainable growth in manufacturing and innovation to support the drinks dispense industry.
With our proven dedicated infrastructure, we have the right scale, capacity and the skills to deliver and exceed your expectations.
We are an example of how future and tradition can be successfully combined!
Read all the stories behind the design of the Angram beer engine, beer tap handles and custom design towers.

true craftmanship

Fuelled by passion and great ideas, we work with brands and brewers to bring your vision to life. All Angram products are assembled by fully skilled staff who control the whole process from start to finish.