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Belhaven Best was launched in 1991 and pioneered a new form of beer drinking in Scotland. Known as a pint for all occasions, it’s a creamy, honey-coloured brew - a perfectly balanced beer. As Scotland’s number one ale, we were approached to design a new beer tap tower that made sure it remained the drink of choice for pub-goers everywhere.


preliminary design

The new font for Belhaven Best and Best Extra Cold was designed alongside Belhaven's marketing team. We kept their industrial heritage in mind with a black matte metallic finish. Working in close partnership we were able to marry a clear and focused design intent with a manufacturing route that met both the creative and commercial brief

Using our comprehensive vertically integrated supply chain partnerships the Celli UK design team were able to focus on the details, the delivery of aesthetic design though a robust design philosophy, "is more than clever design thinking"….

The Result

Subtle and balanced just like the beer, the unique shape and height of this font makes it stand out on the bar.
A completely original design for a completely original beer, we were able to deliver a 3-dimensional mnemonic for the brand, a mnemonic that harnessed the colour and graphical pallet delivering a bespoke proposition that is withstanding the test of time